Separating the signal from the noise in scRNA-Seq data (new paper!)

tl;dr – We’ve developed a smoothing algorithm that makes the analysis of high-throughput single-cell RNA-Seq a lot easier. The algorithm effectively removes technical noise while largely preserving biological heterogeneity. You can read the paper on bioRxiv and find reference implementations in Python/R/Matlab on github. In the YanaiLab, we love single-cell RNA-Seq data, and we’re proud…

Computational biologists: moving to the driver’s seat

Computational biologists: moving to the driver’s seat Itai Yanai and Eva Chmielnicki Genome Biology201718:223   Published: 23 November 2017 Abstract The recent shift of computational biologists from bioinformatics service providers to leaders of cutting-edge programs highlights the accompanying cultural and conceptual changes that should be implemented by funding bodies and academic institutions.