Month: February 2016

The mid-developmental transition

  Levin M, Anavy L, Cole AG, Winter E, Mostov N, Khair S, Senderovich N, Kovalev E, Silver DH, Feder M, Fernandez-Valverde SL, Nakanishi N, Simmons D, Simakov O, Larsson T, Liu SY, Jerafi-Vider A, Yaniv K, Ryan JF, Martindale MQ, Rink JC, Arendt D, Degnan SM, Degnan BM, Hashimshony T, Yanai I. The mid-developmental transition and…

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CEL-Seq2: Single-cell RNA-Seq

In 2012, our lab published CEL-Seq,  a method for single-cell RNA-Seq. The method is highly-multiplexed, uses in vitro transcription (IVT) to amplify, and has become one of the best methods for single-cell RNA-Seq. We believe it is actually THE best method! Here is the CEL-Seq protocol. This is how we freeze individual cells, though we also use a…

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The Society of Genes

Here’s the website for the book: Nearly four decades ago Richard Dawkins published The Selfish Gene, famously reducing humans to “survival machines” whose sole purpose was to preserve “the selfish molecules known as genes.” How these selfish genes work together to construct the organism, however, remained a mystery. Standing atop a wealth of new research, The…

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